my story

Christie on top of Mount St. Helen's.
On top of Mount St. Helen’s in Washington state.


Christie Hollis is a native Texas Austinite, a Personal Growth and Development Coach, and a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotist. She graduated from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University) with honors, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She later attended DeVry Technical Institute earning a second Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. 

She has attended multiple Personal growth Seminars & training’s and has tested herself to her limits, working through injuries & other personal tests, gaining knowledge along her path. For instance, in the picture to the left, she climbed Mount St. Helen’s with bilateral hip flexor injuries, making it to the top, enabling her to look down into the caldera of Mount St. Helen’s. It is an experience she will never forget & is filled with gratitude in having accomplished this goal.

Consumed by curiosity & a voracious lust for learning, Christie has read & studied many books and psychological methodologies, studied people since a very young age, and learned a multitude of life lessons. She has over 12 years’ experience working with victims of abuse. She also has 28 years of coaching friends, family, & community members, occasionally saving a life or two. When she is not pursuing her passion for learning, coaching, teaching, & mentoring, you can find her creating art, attending festivals, blazing the local mountain bike trails, dancing, gardening, traveling, or enjoying all the wonders that Austin & life have to offer.