Do you want to be as excited about life as you used to be?
Are you looking for more from your relationships, career, health, and other areas of life?
Do you want to move forward, but feel as if you’re treading water?
Are you repeating the same patterns and need new strategies to get more of what you desire?
Do you want to feel in control & positive about yourself, yet find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster?
Are you looking to fully experience joy, yet struggle with feeling disconnected, stressed, or sad?
Are you ready to gain the confidence to go from surviving to thriving in life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this workshop is for you!

Get ready to experience:

➤ Freedom from mental and emotional blocks
➤ Freedom to transform the way you think
➤ Freedom to forgive and release grudges
➤ Freedom to choose your responses when emotions surface
➤ Freedom to connect to your values and align them to goals and strategies
➤ Freedom to move forward and design the life you deserve

Experience freedom, personal power and transformation in a supportive environment using a cutting edge, research-proven way to release beliefs and emotions that are keeping you from truly thriving! Then focus and connect to what is really important, and make a plan to create success in your career, relationship, health, or any other part of your life. Experience real freedom through the Freedom Series.

The Afterburn – Praise for the MER® process and the results:

“Over the past 10 years, I have been in a fog, however, I did not realize it. I realized that my life could be better. For example, my home always used to be messy, but through working to lessen the negative energy within me, I am cleaning up the inside so that I can take care of what is going on in the outside and my home is now organized and clean.” Kris – attending grad school and confidently raising her 6 year old son

“I am now able to move forward on my goals with a light heart and take life to a new level.” Angie – lost 20 pounds and secured an incredible opportunity for more work doing what she loves

“This is exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my business and my life.” Chelsea – grew her real estate business, is expecting her first child, and writing a book

“I went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling a profound transformation. My previously incessant inner critic is silent.” Allison – filled her first workshop as a life coach

“I’ve felt lighter, more centered, and much more open and direct in a multitude of situations. I jumped into writing with both feet.” Kim – was accepted to join a group with opportunities to be published

About Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is a beautiful “zen” space located near Austin’s premier Hike and Bike Trail along Lady Bird Lake. Casa de Luz strives to create a space that balances health & wellness encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies. The peaceful & serene environment strives to support the well being of all who enter the space.