Here’s what my clients are saying:


Over the past 10 years, I have been in a fog that prevented me from reaching my full potential. However, I did not realize that I was in a fog. It was not until I started working with Christie that I realized that my life could be better. For example, my home always used to be messy because that is how it has always been. But through working to lessen the negative and messy energy that was going on within me, I am working on cleaning up the inside so that I can take care of what is going on on the outside. While there is still more work to be done, I am already living a better life. I am working towards having more positivity in my life and staying focused on my goals. 
The main thing that shocks me when Christie and I work together is the simplicity of the exercises. In other words, I have the power to change my life by changing my views on the events that happen. Now, this does not mean that the work is easy. But By dedicating myself to fully letting go of my negative energy, I can allow in the positive energy.
Overall, I have many goals now in place that are helping me to get closer to my destiny. Working with Christie is allowing me to do a great deal of soul searching to be able to fund true happiness. I know that in the end I will have a better life because of my dedicated coach. Not only does she help me with my past issues, but she also strives to help with my current and future dilemmas. I am excited to continue our work together!

  • Kris B.