Limiting Beliefs Halt your progress in life. Henry Ford – “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”


What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are simply beliefs that limit our potential. They are false beliefs that we perceive to be real that limit our current decisions. These beliefs were learned by making a decision about a past experience that was untrue. These decisions can inform the beliefs about your self-worth, who you are, people in the world, and/or simply the world itself. The problem here is that the past is not the present, unless you choose to live in the past & allow the past to continue to direct your present.

We are not always aware of our limiting beliefs because they reside in our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is just that, unconscious, meaning that we are not always consciously aware of what is going on behind the scenes. These are the phrases we say to ourselves to justify why things aren’t working. We justify them to make us feel better about not succeeding in our lives. 

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs:

  • I’m not worth it.
  • I am unworthy of love. (The mask of insecurity.)
  • All the good ones are taken.
  • I fear rejection.
  • I don’t have enough time/money/support/willpower/etc.
  • I can’t afford that/make enough money/support myself/etc.
  • Rich people are greedy. (Thus insuring you will never be rich, because you don’t want to be seen as greedy.)
  • I can’t <insert whatever statement here>.
  • I’m too tired/weak/selfish/etc.
  • I’m too <insert whatever statement here>.
  • I’m not good enough to <insert whatever statement here>.

You get the picture. All of these statements limit the bounds of what we can do. We disempower ourselves when we tell ourselves these types of statements.

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

The first step to eliminating limiting beliefs is Awareness. Start paying attention to the little things you’re telling yourself throughout the day & write it down in a journal. Sometimes it is very subtle & since you’ve probably already established a pattern of telling yourself the same limiting beliefs over & over, you may have a hard time recognizing them at first. If you feel negatively about an area of your life, then you probably have some limiting beliefs that are behind that crappy feeling. So, keep at it.

The second step is the recognize that the beliefs are false. They are simply opinions that you have decided to adopt. So, just as you decided to adopt them, you can decide not to.

The third step is to change that belief into one of possibility instead of limitation. For example, if your belief was “All rich people are greedy.” Go do some research on those people who are rich & dedicated to helping others. Rich people are just people after all.

Once you are armed with this knowledge & are no longer allowing your limitations to guide your actions, go out & try on the new belief by creating your reality using the new belief. What will you create now after feeling more empowered after transforming that old belief?

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